WinPicks Basketball Power Pack

If you wager on NBA and college basketball games, you need the WinPicks Basketball Power Pack. You'll own the most powerful basketball handicapping tools available anywhere, and you'll pay $20 less than you would if you bought both of our football products separately.

WinPicks Basketball Power Pack users can rest assured that they have more basketball handicapping information than they could get anywhere else, at any price. This is one-stop, no hassle shopping. You'll receive both of the following products in one easy-to-install package:

Both products are powerful, sophisticated, and easy to use, and include huge databases with the scores and point spreads from many thousands of past games. Take a few minutes to read about each package, or download and test our free trial software. We think you'll agree that the WinPicks Basketball Power Pack is an unbeatable value.

Make this your most profitable basketball season ever by ordering the WinPicks Basketball Power Pack today!

Requires Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/10). $79.95.



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