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Section 7.10. Key Factors

There are two additional key handicapping factors you can view with PFA, and one you can view with all versions of WinPicks. To do so, select KEY FACTORS from the VIEW menu. The "key" factors are described below.

Average Margin of Victory (all versions of WinPicks)

This option ranks all teams according to their average margin of victory (AMOV). The AMOV is computed by taking into account the final result of each team's games. For example, if a team has a record of 3-0, and has won the games by 4, 7, and 10 points respectively, their AMOV is +7 (21 points divided by 3). Teams that have been outscored by their opposition will have a negative AMOV. For example, a team with an 0-3 record that has lost by 4, 7, and 10 points will have an AMOV of -7.

Turnovers (PFA only)

This option shows you how the teams rank in the net turnovers department (Figure 7.100). This is a number that is often mentioned on the radio and TV broadcasts of NFL games. To get this number, you first count turnovers forced by counting the total number of times a team's defense has intercepted a pass or recovering a fumble. Then, turnovers allowed are counted by adding together the number of times a team's offense has thrown an interception or lost a fumble. Net Turnovers is obtained by turnovers allowed from turnovers forced. Most successful teams have a positive number for Net Turnovers so it is often a useful piece of handicapping information. The report also shows the average number of Net Turnovers per game, based on the database method currently in use.

Figure 7.100 - The Turnovers Report (PFA Only)

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